Steamer Metos Marvel E1

4222850 | Steamer Metos Marvel E1

Intelligent Metos Marvel pressure steamer is a fast and efficient tool
for lunch and à la carte production in modern professional kitchens.
Metos Marvel pressure steamer cooks, defrosts and regenerates all types
of food products, including delicate items.
Thanks to Metos Marvel's speed and efficiency you can prepare a meal
just before serving it, thus ensuring its freshness. Gentle and healthy
steam cooking retains the texture, nutrients and color of the products.
Additional portions made of various ingredients can be prepared quickly,
as Metos Marvel needs no preheating. Many dishes can be cooked
simultaneously without the flavors transferring from one food to
another. Its ease-of-use with built-in programs improves the efficiency
and competitiveness of every kitchen.
Exact cooking control with 1°C precision or a core temperature probe
placed in the product speed up the process and prevent overcooking.
Cooking temperature range is 40-120°C (low-temperature cooking/thaw
40-80°C, normal cooking 80-100°C, express pressure cooking 100-120°C).
Main menu offers two pre-set settings: 0.5 and 1 bar. Delta-T cooking
allows you to define the temperature difference between the compartment


Product number4222850
Product nameSteamer Metos Marvel E1
Size mm (w * d * h)800 * 900 * 1520
Capacity4 x GN1/1-65 / 3 x GN1/1-100
Technical information
400/230 V, 40 A, 25,7 kW, 3NPE, 50 Hz
CW: 1/2" Drain: ø 1"
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