File description in accordance with the Personal Data Act (EU) 2016/679.

Controller and name of the register

Metos Oy Ab (Business ID: 0108466-4), Ahjonkaarre, FI-04220 Kerava.
Metos Oy Ab's (hereinafter referred to as "Metos") customer register.

Contact person

Juha Björklund, tel. +358 204 39 13.

Purpose of the register

The purpose of the file is to maintain Metos' customer register. The file contains information on business activities between Metos and its customers, and on related communication. In addition, the register can contain information combined from other available registers. In regard to online purchases, the register may include data provided by the customers themselves. All personal data is processed to the extent permitted and provided by the Personal Data Act. The data can be combined statistically, and utilised in operations development. The file data can be used for sending Metos's marketing material, such as customer magazines, newsletters, invitations, and product catalogues. Customer may prohibit the use of their data for the purposes mentioned above.

Content of the register

The Personal data register contains the following information:
Company or public body whom the person represents
Person's first name, last name and position/title
Mailing address
Information on request for quote and/or order
Other information provided by the customer that is relevant to maintaining the customer relationship


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Register security, location and supply of data

The register is located on Metos' secure server, and can only be accessed by those with user rights to Metos' intranet. The file shall not be disclosed to third parties. Register description as per the Personal Data Act is available at Metos Oy Ab, Ahjonkaarre, 04220 Kerava, Finland. The customer may request access to their information and have it amended appropriately.