Metos GN containers



Gastronorm dimensioning indicates the size of the GN containers

Gastronorm dimensioning is used globally and indicates the outer dimension of the containers used in professional kitchens. The basic measure called GN-1/1 is 530 x 325 mm. All container sizes are measured in relation to the basic measure. In addition the depth of the canteen is specified in millimeters. There is in literature a number of different ways to write about Gastronorm-dimensioning. The concepts GN containers and GN canteen are established in Finland and used in the daily work.

The concepts GastroNorm, GASTRONORM and GASTRO-NORM are a more rare way of writing about Gastronorm dimensioning. Gastronorm standard provide canteens an outer dimension, but no exact mold for the corners and the outer sides. This is why containers made from different manufacturers differ from each other. Therefore do lids and containers not fit together and cannot be stacked if they are manufactured by different manufacturer. The volume also varies.


GN 2/1-20650x530 mm 4,5 litre
GN 2/3-20354x325 mm1,25 litre
GN 2/3-40354x325 mm3 litre
GN 2/3-65354x325 mm5,25 litre
GN 2/3-100354x325 mm8 litre
GN 2/3-150354x325 mm11,5 litre
GN 1/1-20530x325 mm1,9 litre
GN 1/1-40530x325 mm4,5 litre
GN 1/1-65530x325 mm7,4 litre
GN 1/1-100530x325 mm12,6 litre
GN 1/1-150530x325 mm18 litre
GN 1/1-200530x325 mm25 litre
GN 1/2-20325x265 mm0,85 litre
GN 1/2-40325x265 mm1,75 litre
GN 1/2-65325x265 mm3,5 litre
GN 1/2-100325x265 mm5,5 litre
GN 1/2-150325x265 mm8,5 litre
GN 1/2-200325x265 mm11 litre
GN 1/3-40325x176 mm1,5 litre
GN 1/3-65325x176 mm2,25 litre
GN 1/3-100325x176 mm3,5 litre
GN 1/3-150325x176 mm5,5 litre
GN 1/3-200325x176 mm7,25 litre
GN 1/4-65265x162 mm1,5 litre
GN 1/4-100265x162 mm2,5 litre
GN 1/4-150265x162 mm3,75 litre
GN 1/4-200265x162 mm5,25 litre
GN 2/4-65530x162 mm3,5 litre
GN 2/4-100 530x162 mm5,5 litre
GN 1/6-65176x162 mm1 litre
GN 1/6-100176x162 mm1,5 litre
GN 1/6-150176x162 mm2,25 litre
GN 1/6-200176x162 mm3 litre
GN 1/9-65176x108 mm0,5 litre
GN 1/9-100176x108 mm0,8 litre