SGS Fimko Oy has granted to Metos ISO 9001 quality certificate and ISO 14001 environment certificate. Certificates are valid development. production and marketing of customer-oriented complete solutions, products and services to assist professional kitchens in the production of food and bewerages.


Customer dedication

- We develop our products in co-operation with our customers
- We study our customers requirements and needs thoroughly to ensure the correct basic information
- We actively collect customer feedback and utilise it in our operations



- We actively train our personnel to improve their understanding of the end-user operations and business / operational environment as well as of professional kitchen processes and product technologies
- We actively develop new solutions, which improve the competitiveness of our customers
- We actively develop our own processes to be able to offer our solutions more cost-effectively and profitably.



- We offer our customers efficient and reliable concepts during the kitchen's whole lifecycle
- We offer our customers solutions, which are gross-economically beneficial during their whole lifecycle
- We create and maintain long-standing customer relationships and continuously improve Metos image as the preferred partner.





We are committed to environmentally sensitive thinking. In the planning, production and delivery of professional kitchens we continuously develop new, more environmentally friendly solutions. In order to achieve improvements we work closely with customers, suppliers and service companies. We have been actively creating an environmental program for Metos focusing especially on the following points:


In training, we teach our customers new food preparation methods based on a more efficient heat transfer technology with current food preparation equipment. The objective is to reduce the energy and water consumption of professional kitchens, in addition to improving the efficiency of food preparation. The consumption figures and their environmental impact can be reduced to less than half of the previous figures when dishwashers are equipped with the ICS operational control system we have developed. Even air quality in the kitchen is improved when the excess energy is not straining the ventilation system. The environmental impact of the dishwashers during their entire life cycle is reviewed in our life cycle analysis. This way the customer can review, at the point of the purchase, the environmental factors and the real costs of equipment operation.


We try to minimize the amount of waste produced in the production and delivery of the products by sorting and recycling. All remaining waste, mostly of stainless steel, is recycled. The environmental impact of discarded products is reduced when the right materials are used in the structures. For instance, our dishwashers are manufactured from 90 % recyclable materials. Metos has created in Finland a nationwide reception and recycling system for discarded equipment. The system ensures that all recyclable material is put to good use.